Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun for your dealer

How to properly handle the relationship between manufacturers and distributors, manufacturers have been test marketing a new topic: To ensure the interests of manufacturers, too much interference on the dealer, dealer may walk out; If the dealer complete decentralization, and very easily by its restraint, loss of control of sale terminals. Smart companies should learn the following Fun distributor strategy to reach a mutually beneficial co-prosperity between the two relationships.

Do not spoil the dealer

A dealer doing pretty good from time to time to make this or that manufacturer's requirements, so that marketers often complain not chatter. Agreed to it, go back and do not know the boss's idea, not allow sales to decline in bonuses to bathing. Moreover, distributors for whatever things we are willing to go for the dealer to do, sometimes effort is not out to please.

Manufacturers and marketers want to give a word of advice: "customer is always right, but not every customer is required to do so for." This is to protect the interests of enterprises and maintain good customer relations and effective measure. Especially in the business before you and the customer reach, you should keep your hands permissions. You can solve some problems for customers, should not be too readily, or he will think that everything is justified. Let customers know that some of his demands is that you only realize after strenuous efforts, so customers would have the attitude of gratitude, that you not only brought him the opportunity to make money, you still continue to help him make money.

Manufacturers and dealers are in a boat, to coexist and Prosperity, will ultimately straighten and straighten out relations, policy formulation and dealer regulations, is to straighten out the relationship between the premise that this will achieve "first words after the indisputable" level. Of course, policy development, we must fully consider the other interests and spiritual motivation, and in the actual operation of the process to amend and improve, and gradually form a sound, scientific dealer policies to promote more long-term win-win. It should be remembered, do not spoil your dealer, the dealer has been spoiled all the time and you fell out, then big trouble.

First "villain" after the gentleman

Some marketers and customers because of good relations between the formation of a tacit understanding, or even most of the time verbal agreement, no written agreement on, causing a lot of unnecessary trouble.

"No rules no standards," under certain constraints, into the dealer policy is essential. Sales policy is to operate marketers an important basis for the organization, and this is the only way to sales success.

Our sales policy for the dealer, roughly the price policy and remittance policies, promotion policies, customer credit policies, in formulating policies according to the enterprise itself, combined with changes in the market to develop. Of course, the principles of policy development should have some flexibility, such as price, leave space, to ensure that the response to market changes. With the binding, the operation of all aspects of access, our company also placed them with healthy controls, under supervision, be possible to achieve better sales.

Do not blind to the dealer pressure

Always have a business idea, the dealer's sales tasks set too high, while the dealer wants the sale of businesses set to complete the task, the easier the better. In this confrontation, the company blind to the dealer pressure, results of non-performing dealers, and sell more and more interested in light, or the expense of business, because to re-develop a dealer and then not easy, but Moreover, there is a run-in period.

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